The Champion Ways Impact

Joe Egan - From Junior to D1 Collegiate Player

Ariana Furrie - D1 Collegiate Player

The She Family - The Parents

She Family - The Kiddos

"After working with Kiel for a couple of hours, I knew there was something special about him. Kiel has helped me make strides in every part of my game and my life. His coaching is so effective and I could never have imagined my game would go to this level. After one day with Kiel, I broke into the 70's which I never have done before."  Kiel does a great job focusing on the total player and making sure that everything makes sense. I have learned more about my game and myself as a player continuously as I have been working with him. Kiel has helped me a great amount technique wise, but also on the mental side. Sometimes we find ourselves spending a whole session just bouncing off ideas of how the mind works and how it shows on and off the course. Overall, I am beyond thankful for Kiel as a coach and someone who has helped me grow confidence on and off the course to be the best player I can be.


Madison B.

Champion Ways Golf Performance is the best indoor facility in the Chicago area. The putting green is the most realistic green you will run into. A huge chipping green that is almost like practicing outside. The hitting bays include technology that lets you play PGA tour courses.  You can spend hours in there and not even realize it. Champion Ways is the practice center for some of the best junior and college players in the county. Kiel is a legendary coach. He teaches swing mechanics, but most importantly teaches you how to correctly practice and play the game. I highly recommend Champion Ways. Ever since I got my membership I've been in there every day. This place will improve your game no doubt about it!

Brian F.

Our family is blessed to have Kiel coaching our girls. Chelsea started with Kiel when she was 9 and Lillian when she was 6. In less than a year, both girls improved their skill dramatically. We see the passion Kiel has in coaching them not only skill, but how to play the game mentally. He teaches them think independantely and to understand the 'why" behind what they do. During on course training, he trains them how to more confident and believe in themselves to perform on the course but also excel in life. As a golf parent, I highly recommend Kiel and Champion Ways to any parent looking for an effective performance coach for their kids. In my daughters own words: "I like learning from Kiel because he keeps me calm and focused" 

She Family