Student Success Stories: Mackenzie Hahn

Kenz got started with me back in 2011. I got to meet her in the winter when I was working with her bother Jordan. I could classify Kenz as slightly better than a beginner and was raw. Right away though Kenz was showing off her speed as she is the longest hitter in the state. I knew this girl could be the real deal if she wanted to be.

After first few years Kenz improved but golf was definitely not a priority. Her brother Jordan signed on to Wisconsin and that sparked Kenz. Kenz had a top 10 finish in state her sophomore year and we started seeing the motivation. We continued to work and she continued to be a multiple sport athlete and an extremely good student. Her junior year is when it started to get even better. We saw breakthroughs in summer tournaments and the distance kept getting better. By now, Kenz is hitting drives 270-290 and a 7 iron 170 yards. Short game now needed to be the priority as I believe she was the best ball striker in any tournament. Junior year was a near State victory finishing 3rd place and now it was go time.

We worked hard in the winter to get everything in prime form and to build her confidence to compete against anyone and more importantly, win. Wisconsin saw this beast being formed also and offered her a spot on the team for all 4 years after she dropped 66 in Regionals. Kenz finished runner up at State Finals her final year. 

Kenz is now a Freshman playing for the Badgers and has already traveled to a few events. She will be a top player for them like Jordan in no time. 

What I am Most Proud Of:

I am most proud of Kenz for the dedication to being a high level collegiate golfer. Kenz got a later start chasing this dream by a long shot but we created a great plan and got after it. I am so proud of Kenz and who she has become and most importantly her work ethic.

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