Student Success Stories: Jordan Hahn

In the fall of his 8th grade year, a shaggy haired, scrawny kid came marching up to the tee at White Deer Run where I coached. His name is Jordan Hahn. When I first met Jordan, he had a goal of being the best player in the state.

When we started, Jordan did not hit the ball very far and had a few power leaks in his swing. Jordan's posture was out of balance and sloppy. From a unbalanced setup, he got the club off plane quickly and relied on compensation to hit shots. The first year with Jordan we focused a lot on setup and swinging in balance. Jordans freshman year at Richmond Burton High School was very good. He won his conference tournament with a 72 was the highlight that year.

Leading into his Sophomore year, Jordan starting growing...a lot. Jordan went from 5'8 to 6'8 in no time. Most of this was done over majority of one year. We had to retool as he needed to learn to play with a different body. Jordan adjusted fast and played well enough to get a offer from the University of Wisconsin. Jordan verbally committed before his Junior Year.

Jordan's junior and senior year were record  setting and the only goal he didn't reach was winning the state tournament which he finished 3rd place as a Junior and 3rd place as a Senior.

Biggest highlights were being named back to back Player of The Year for McHenry County Sports. Jordan shot 29 in a 9 hole match. Qualified for the World Junior at Torrey Pines.

Fast forward to today, Jordan is becoming a leader for The University of Wisconsin. He holds best scoring average for a Freshman in program history. Jordan is striving to become an All American and play on the PGA Tour. He drives the ball around 360 yards and has one of the best attitudes and demeanors in the game.

What I am most proud of:

I am most proud that Jordan continues to grow as a person and player and that we have been together for so long. The Hahn's are like family to me and it is a true honor to be involved with Jordan's development.

The Evolution of Jordan Hahn

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