Student Success Stories: Chelsea She

There are many text that I have received from the She family stating that Chelsea or Lilian have won. The one I will never forget is "Chelsea is going to Augusta!!" I got a huge smile on my face and shared a huge hug with Chelsea when I saw her. It was an awesome moment from where we began. Chelsea got to compete in the Drive Chip and Putt Finals at Augusta National. What an experience!!

I got to meet Chelsea when she was 9 years old. Chelsea came to me as a beginner. She has played but not much. She was learning the game of golf. You could tell she had a passion for it because of the huge smile on her face.

When I see young players enjoy the game and have a passion, I know they have a great chance to be successful. When kids have a internal motivation, it is very powerful. I knew my job was to nurture this passion and enjoyment of the game.

From day 1, Chelsea embraced the competitive spirit that I have instilled in her. My goal is always to make sure she is enjoying competing and playing.

Our first year together was awesome. Chelsea excelled fast and could play on the course well. In our second year, Chelsea started to get emotional during practices. She would battle anger and frustration. All golfers have been here, but this was a powerful learning moment. She learned how to deal with emotions at a very young age. Some players never learn this but it was very cool to work through this and help her changer her attitude.

Chelsea has one of the best attitudes now as a 12 year old. It has been amazing watching her grow.

As Chelsea has grown, she has developed tremendous power for her age. She hits a 7 iron about a 130 yards and a driver 210-220. On top of the power, she has grown a high golf IQ i call it. She understands her tendencies and what to do to play well. We have developed a system for making decisions. She has embraced the mentality part of the Champion Ways Training. She can control her thoughts very well!.

Chelsea has a very bright future ahead of her. She will be competitive for a long time. Chelsea has great parental support which is important aspect for a junior player. She is an amazing kid and deserves great things.

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