Student Success Stories: Emily Duan aka M.D.

Emily first came to work with me when she was just 10 years old. Emily is a very

talented girl but was very raw. Emily had very poor grip, posture and pivot needed a lot of work.

The one thing i noticed right away is Em's competitiveness. She was very simple, she would setup and hit it. This is such an amazing quality.

Emily was very close to the ball and had a rounded posture so she didnt have room to swing the club. As a result, she would swing down steep and fade the ball. She didnt like that.

We started in the winter of 2015 and really got to work on the fundamentals. She excelled quickly and is a very fast learner. Once the fundamentals where in place she took off. We created a simple system for her to swing free of thought.

Emily won just about every tournament there is to win at that juncture. Emily also became the youngest winner ever of a MAJGT event. Emily won the MAJGT Girls Championship with a final round of 70. The other highlight was making it to the Drive Chip and Putt Finals at Augusta National. This was a special moment as my wife Savannah and I got to go and be with Emily and her family.

After this stretch Emily got a national ranking of 12th in the country in her class. She finished off her season in 2016 with a 69, 69 final two rounds to win big in the last tourney of the season.

Emily took a break from me doing some other training and stumbled a little bit in the AJGA series this summer 2017. We got back together and decided she needed to get back to the same simple and basic ideas that made her so successful. After working on her mentality a little, Emily took back off finishing the season with 5 tournament wins and best AJGA finishes in her young career.

When Em controls her mindset, she is very tough to beat. Em is great because of the competitiveness and desire to win. When she is in that competitive mindset, look out. I made her vow to me to get rid of the technical thoughts that she was asked to do and be herself again. From there sky is the limit for this great young player and kid.

Emily is such a good kid and has a very bright future. Very happy to be a part of her life and love having her and Allyson at Champion Ways! They fit the Ethos perfectly.

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