What You Get

Champion Ways 4 Pillar Training Model

Innovative Training Model That develops players technique, skill, mentality, and competitiveness.

  1. Training Technique

  2. Training Skill

  3. Training Mentality

  4. Training to Compete

Champion Ways Video Library

A comprehensive video training  library. Videos explain each step of  the training model and the key components to training like a champion

Free Video From Training

Custom mental Toughness Training

Confidence and mental toughness are key indicators of great performance.

Training will push players to deal with adversity and play their best in any situation.

College Recruitment Plan and Mentorship s

step by step plan to playing in college


Guidance in:

  • Finding right school and region for you or your kid.

  • How to communicate with coaches and what to say to make them want you

  • Building your personal tools and resources for your recruiting

  • Preparation for playing at a higher level

  • Education on recruiting guidelines

  • Video library of entire process and steps to take

  • Support and guidance through entire process

  • Support from other collegiate players that are part of the program

Champion Ways Journal

A journal template designed to reinforce training. This is an integral piece for high level training and players.