What you learn

The Curriculum


The Champion Ways Curriculum is an itregal part of training because it sets a foundation for the player to know what they are training, when they are training it, and why they are training it.

Training the Technique

This is what most instruction is based off of and it stops here. This is important for a player to understand the fundamentals and how they can get the ball to do what they want. This will be a unique agenda for the individual. Here are the main keys

  1. Understand your tendencies and how it effects contact and ball flight.

  2. Understand your body and how you move.

  3. Understand the key components to ball flight

  4. Daily maintenance


Training the Skill


This is where it gets fun. This is important to know how to do. Most people never train to build skill. Most players stay at Training the Technique. Skill Building is a HUGE part of practice plans in the Champion Ways Curriculum. Here are the main keys

  1. Have a daily practice plan

  2. Must be challenging and simulating every condition of performing

  3. Must be measurable

  4. Must be reinforced in the Champion Ways Journal


Training the Mind

This is where performance can get to a level you never thought possible! This has to be done in a manner that will build a deep belief in one self. You will learn exactly how to train to do this

  1. Monitor the words you use

  2. Understand your thoughts and how they effect you

  3. Understand outside distraction and how to use that to your benefit

  4. Learn training methods to build serious mental toughness


You will learn all of this and why you Struggled in the past..